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The Promise Principle

“A promise speaks to who we are in our core. A priority framed as a promise is elevated on our commitment spectrum — we feel a stronger sense of obligation to keep it.”  Diane Helbig

Make a promise to those supported by your business, ie. your family, the employees and your customers. Operate, or find others to help, that understand the promise you have made. Your business will not market itself, so be a leader - act with integrity, then... Keep your word and Spread the word!

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Business/Career Growth

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Who are You and Where are you Going?

In order to get from Point A to B you need a Map. A Map puts you on a path to reach your destination in the shortest time possible. It helps you avoid risky roads and wrong turns. Is a Map the same as a Business Plan? - NO! Business plans are inflexible and become obsolete as soon as they are completed. Since business life cycles and career paths are continually influenced and impacted by other racers, you need to be committed, adaptable and linked into the race. You need to be pushing the course rather than allowing it to push you. Often business leaders/owners and entrepreneurs get stuck in a rhythm of malaise and that's when the course pushes them back. After a few hard months or years of sweat equity they lose their passion to persist, struggle to catch the other racers and the stress of making good on their promise wears them down and impacts all areas of their life. Whether at the front of the pack, or slowly fading back an investment in a TCG counselor can help keep and improve your place in the race. The investment is small in comparison to the time, energy and positive change it can have on all areas of your life.


Would You Follow You?

A Forbes article recently stated that company Leaders are facing a crisis because a third of the employees don't trust them. The people in power moved up the ranks by towing the company line and 'faking it' -- and everyone knows. While diplomacy is definitely important, turning cultures around that have veered this far off the path is almost impossible. True leaders are genuinely enthusiastic about their business, have a high degree of integrity and are empowered to make decisions rather than wrangle for consensus. These aspects are true of the person and are a reflection of their life both personally and professionally. While most major league baseball coaches were once players, most winning players are not usually the most successful coaches. While there are 8 aspects to work through in terms of becoming an effective leader...In short, people are more likely to follow the lead of those they like. The best leaders are well-spoken, approachable and friendly. They show sincere care for others. A TCG coach will provide the tools and practice with you to create these habits for use in all areas of your life.

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Communication and Influence

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Are you Memorable?

There are many ways to be remembered and there is such a thing as bad publicity. Influence is built over time and for the most part involves building an emotional connection, or rapport with those around you. It is step 1 of 5 in effectively communicating and influencing the decision making of the people around you. While the focus should not be on you, story telling can be an effective means to build rapport. Most leaders best succeed at generating rapport when they build on others stories, when they are confident in their own personality and when they genuinely mirror another identity. Step 1 gets the most mileage in terms of creating lasting relationships that will Change your lifes path forever. A TCG counselor is an effective mentor in identifying key relationships and ensuring those relationships are maintained, nurtured and continually identified.

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