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TeleCounsel Group enables you to be better, Saves you from repeat mistakes and Works with you to overcome whatever challenges you are facing. Everyone successful in life has had help getting there. No one does it alone. Everyone benefits from additional support in the valleys and an additional gust of wind at their height. A TCG counselor will provide the support and that gust when required. TeleCounsel Group launched its program framework with the mindset that we can help people better than anyone else. Frustrated with many coach/counselors that just go through the motions, failing to unlock a persons full potential and being slow to achieve results we knew that we could compile a network of counselors with a more impassioned philosophy - and simply, perform better. A philosophy of success driven, results oriented change! Through our strong network TeleCounsel Group has been able to stable expert counselors aligned with our results driven philosophy. Our team of counselors has been hand-selected based on their expertise in each area of coaching or counseling service offered. Our program framework forces accountability for results, and provides the necessary tools to all our counselors to help our clients achieve. TCG counselors have years of experience training, developing potential, and keeping people on track. TeleCounsel Group is different, passionate, and hungry to help. Call us today - we are excited to get started and make a change in your life.

One of the key pillars of our success is our customer centric focus. Not only are our counselors focused on your success and held accountable for it, but we also deliver our service to as many people as possible in an affordable and convenient manner. Most people that sign-up for a gym fitness membership are excited at first, but their will-power quickly fades and they never realize their expected results. Creating time to drive, change, prepare, workout, unwind, and do it again and again becomes cumbersome, boring and difficult in light of all the other things that compete for our attention. Knowing this - TeleCounsel Group focuses on keeping things simple. We've invested in online counseling technology to keep scheduling and tracking tasks effortless. Sessions are held over the phone from where you are to maximize your ability to succeed. Its simple, its convenient, its effective and many people grow to appreciate the value of TeleCounsel Group in their busy schedule. Creating new habits, overcoming life events, and changing learned behavior does not happen overnight. Like anything good, real life altering change takes time, focus and attention. Call us when you're ready to make a change for the better.


'Best' is not static. Best is "Best for now, until something better is found". The existence of "current best" should not stop you looking for Better.


Best Practice is what currently delivers Best Results. But understand the world is changing - don't get left behind. Learn from mistakes and from the mistakes of others.


Changes in Best Practice drive step changes in performance - see story below

Never Satisfied

high jump graph showing great improvement with new fosbury high jump method

The "Fosbury flop"

There was a time when there was no established technique for the high jump. People approached the bar front-on, often from a standing start. However, as the high jump became an international field event, techniques and practices began to develop. One early successful practices was the Western Roll, introduced in 1912, leading to the world record of that time, and a step change in performance. The Western Roll was superseded by the Straddle technique in 1937. With record height rapidly increasing over a period of years the technique was perfected and adopted around the world. Then in 1968, Dick Fosbury introduced a new technique, the "Fosbury flop", to win a gold medal in Mexico City. As Wikipedia says, "After he used this Fosbury flop to win the 1968 Olympic gold medal, the technique spread around the world, and dominated international high jump competitions". The new practice had become best practice, and drove the biggest leap forward in high Jump achievement. TCG is here to help you implement best practice, overcome your challenge and develop a new standard and best practice for your life.

Fly over obstacles

Jump the highest and farthest

Legendary sports coach, Clive Woodward (London Olympics, Rugby World Cup), says - "I believe it is those athletes and coaches who truly understand the importance of capturing and sharing knowledge that have really excelled". Personal development relies on 3 things:

  1. The individuals ability to learn
  2. Open sharing of information so everyone knows why an action is being taken and another action not taken
  3. Break down winning moves or the way forward into practical, manageable chunks.

TCG is here to help you get farther, faster than ever before. Our knowledge base of countless interactions and analysis will help you overcome your challenges and developing a new standard for your life.

record setting running long jump

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