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Our Sports Anger Management program consists of up to 24 sessions (length depends on issue severity and league mandates), all within the context of the minor and amateur athletics environment. Sessions are 60min each, conducted online or via phone with a professional counselor. Workbooks and homework assignments are provided throughout the curriculum.

Length: 6 to 24 sessions, depending on issue severity (as ordered by league/association)
Effort: 60 min/session
Ages: 14+ (Parental consent required for minors)
Duration: A three day fast track program is available at 2hrs/day.
Counseling: One-on-one, or small groups of up to three people
Location: Over the phone, or online video
Legal: Program will meet or exceed association requirements
Fees: $100 per session for one-on-one, discounted group sessions are available (full program only)
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Our Sports Anger Management program is tailored to Hockey, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse and other high intensity team sports. The course provides strategies and techniques to manage excessive anger and make better life choices within the context of minor league and amateur athletics. Sports Anger management does not try to keep you from feeling anger or encourage you to hold it in. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion when you know how to express it appropriately — sports anger management is about learning how to do this. We do offer a fast-track version of our program, for those committed to expediting their re-training and getting back in the game.


  • Anger assessment: client/sport specific, orientation, definitions
  • Coaching Minor and Amateur Athletes today
  • Goal setting, cost identification, responsibility
  • The Athletes Mind
  • Family Atmosphere, Expectations, Accountability
  • Anger triggers and styles: identification, awareness
  • Anger body cues: anger physiology, the stress response
  • Power and control: Respond vs React. social awareness
  • Gender roles: impact on men when respect is challenged
  • Effective communication versus shaming and blaming
  • Assertiveness, aggressiveness and passiveness in expressing anger
  • Anger interventions & applications - retaliation, defusing confrontation

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