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Length: Your pace, your schedule
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Coaching: One-on-one
Location: Over the phone
Fees: $30/week - unlimited contact with coach
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We take the relationships we build with you seriously. Our professional approach will integrate, establish trust, and work to truly understand and assist you in achieving your goals. Our "Someone To Talk To" program is designed to improve relationships, reduce anxiety & depression, foster confidence and set you on a path to overall financial and personal success. Each session is affordable, convenient and confidential. You set the pace and you can quit anytime.


This $30/week program operates on sessions lasting 30min each + unlimited access and texting to your coach throughout that week. Work and action plans formulated from previous sessions are reviewed and progress is tracked toward goal accomplishment. Sessions are practical, results oriented and will focus on providing you a better understanding of how your personality and learned behaviors have shaped your habits and your life today. Through that understanding we will reshape those habits and put you on a path to achieve your goals. Reduced anxiety, depression, improved confidence, relationships and financial control are common outcomes of these sessions. If you are looking for someone to talk to who is able to look beyond today and provide practical plans, solutions and tools to transform your tomorrow - then this is for you!

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