The Future Is Brighter Than You Think

Let there Be Light!

Feeling incapable, and critically judged by others? You try hard, you're a good person but the pressure and weight of it all are too much. Where's the reward for my effort? Why does the future look so bleak? Is this just how it is now every day? It can't be.

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Life Can Be Better!

Our program will engage, shape and transform current habits making you Healthier, Stronger and Happier. Get control over your symptoms - see the difference our program can make in your life.

Length: 12-16 sessions (cancel anytime)
Effort: 50-60 min/session, unlimited weekly texting
Duration: Up to 3.5 months. A fast track program is available at 2 days/wk.
Counseling: One-on-one, structured weekly program
Experience: All counselors are licensed, certified, professionals
Location: Over the phone, or online video
Additional: Includes Homework assignments, Books, Worksheets, Weekly check-in's, 3rd party testing
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Depression effects millions of people worldwide. The impact can be felt in all aspects of personal life, at home and at work. The impact is often felt by those closest to you, and is coupled with feelings of helplessness and doubt that life will never get better. TeleCounsel Group counselors use cognitive and interpersonal therapy techniques that are structured to help give you some immediate relief from symptoms and get you on a path toward achieving your goals. Our treatment goals include rapid symptom reduction and improved social adjustment. We work in conjunction with any medications prescribed by your health care provider, however our counselors do not prescribe medications themselves. Our ultimate goal is to improve your symptoms and allow you to function free of medication going forward.


  • Family background and relationship assessments
  • Personality testing and awareness (Meyers Briggs or other)
  • Managing conflict - creating & diffusing
  • Emotions, anger and communication
  • Communication
  • Confidence building
  • Positive thinking
  • Interpersonal Skills & Teamwork
  • Health - body and mind

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