Divorce Care

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Simply Divorce?

Divorce can be mentally, physically, and financially demanding. Often when a relationship breaks it feels like a tornado has swirled through our life leaving a trail of wreckage and unanswered questions. Picking up the pieces from a physical tornado is often easier than cleaning up the emotional destruction from a broken relationship.

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The Divorce Recovery Process

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The Financial Impact

Many people use Divorce Coaches and Counselors to minimize discussions with their lawyers. Attorneys charge high rates and have little interest in focusing on anything but the bottom line. Being able to use a Divorce Coach or Counselor as your pre-legal advisor can result in significant savings over the long process and time it takes to complete all the paperwork. Divorce is not easy for anyone involved - and while it may present a relief from certain relationship strains, it often presents and creates its own set of emotional difficulties. Being able to rely on the support of an expert counselor during this time to organize, define and refine goals, and get to what really matters will prove to be a valuable asset.

The Emotional Impact

Often people feel anger and hopelessness about saving their marriage. Often family members will push extremely hard to take their ex for all they are worth or expect to try and hurt them in other ways. With children sometimes caught in the middle, the emotional toll on the divorcée and family can run high. Our Divorce counselors will walk with you through the entire process, and help navigate distorted negative responses from all the emotional upheaval and guide you with concrete plans to round-out expected thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The cognitive behavioral therapy techniques used in our program work in conjunction with our pre-legal advice to facilitate the best outcome for you during this emotionally draining experience. Divorce is only second to Death, in terms of one of life's most stressful events - and TeleCounsel Group can help.

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How our Program Works

Divorce Counseling/Coaching is effective financially and emotionally. Our Program Benefits:

  • Results focus - cancel anytime
  • Duration: Term of Divorce +12 sessions
  • Frequency: approx 60min session per week
  • Organization Management
  • Financial Assessments
  • Frequent Check-In's
  • Accountability
  • All coaches/counselors are experienced, certified professionals
  • Affordable payment structure
  • Our program will minimize the financial and emotional burden, and maximize the speed of your recovery from this emotionally draining process.

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