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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TeleCounsel Group do?

TeleCounsel Group connects people with expert therapists, counselors, coaches, and listeners (collectively, "Counselor"). Confidential, convenient and accessible - we've partnered with experts that are available when you need them most.

How does it work?

We all know that internet searches often lead to places that just don't Fit quite right. Fit is important. At TeleCounsel Group finding your Fit is the first step. The initial phone call to TeleCounsel group allows us to get an understanding of you, your personality, your struggles, how you learn, and the way you think. With that knowledge we equip you with the best Counselor that will meet and exceed your learning and development needs. After all your questions are answered, you sign-up and select a time to start that works for you.

How long does it take to talk to an expert?

Call us and we answer  1.855.257.9444. We can often arrange same day appointments to speak with an expert.

Do we prescribe medications?

Our partners do not prescribe medications. While our partners will work in conjunction with any medications prescribe by health care practitioners, the tools and training provided are designed to be effective without pharmacological intervention.

Is this service right for everyone?

TeleCounsel Group is not the right fit for you if:

  • You are under 18 or are under the supervision of a legal guardian
  • You are in a life threatening or emergency situation or in crisis
  • You are thinking about hurting someone else or yourself
  • You were required to engage in therapy or counseling by a court order or another authority
  • You have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, or under psychological supervision or psychiatric care
  • You do not have access to a phone.
  • Do you accept insurance?

    TeleCounsel Group prides itself in being able to connect you with affordable services. Services offered are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid and generally not covered by other insurance coverages, however this is not always the case. Coverage varies for each insurance company and for each plan, but generally the following rules apply:

  • Even if your plan provides 100% coverage, the Co-pay is often more than the cost of a TeleCounsel group session
  • Typical insurance plan coverage is partial or very limited
  • In many cases, before the plan will reimburse you, a mental disorder needs to be diagnosed and communicated to your insurance company.
  • If you need to use insurance coverage, please check with your provider to better understand the requirements and options available to you. Typically, coverage varies regarding the number of sessions covered, the amount, paperwork, approvals required, and deductibles.
  • Phone? Video? Chat? Messaging? Email?

    Yes, we accommodate all formats as necessary.

    What is a platform service?

    TeleCounsel Group is a platform service. TeleCounsel Group provides a platform that connects people with expert therapists, counselors, coaches, partners and listeners (collectively, "Counselors") often at prices more affordable than traditional counseling and with unmatched confidentiality and convenience. Counseling services are provided by our independent Counselors who work directly with you. These partners are not employees of TeleCounsel Group and the site does not oversee them professionally. We assume no responsibility for any act, omission or doing of any Counselor, and make no representation or warranty whatsoever as to whether you will find the Counselor Services relevant, useful, correct, relevant, satisfactory or suitable to your needs. We do not control the quality of the Counselor Services and we do not determine whether any Counselor is qualified to provide any specific service as well as whether a Counselor is categorized correctly or matched correctly to you. The payment you make for Counselor Services is made through our platform directly to the Counselor. Although, we may charge the Counselor a usage fee for our services, we are not and will not be deemed as the Counselor or a provider of any Counseling Services. As operators of the Platform, our role is strictly limited to facilitating the communication between you and the Counselor and to enable the provision of the Counseling Services.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    If you no longer want to continue with your sessions, you can easily cancel at any time. Any unused sessions can be rescheduled or a refund issued if canceled within 24 hours of the start of the session.

    How long are sessions and how many do I need?

    Sessions are typically 60minutes in length. Sessions are structured, well-planned and often involve take-away assignments and weekly check-ins designed to give you step by step, practical solutions to overcome your challenges. Our programs have proven to be 94% effective and typically last between 3 and 5 months. You only pay for sessions you use and you are free to cancel anytime.

    How do I start?

    Call us at:  1.855.257.9444. We can often arrange same day appointments.